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Lean Expert Certification Exam:

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* No prerequisites.

* Purchase Lean Expert Certification Exam voucher now and schedule your exam anytime.
* Earn an IASSC Globally Recognized Lean Expert Certification.
* Conduct exam directly on your computer from the comfort of your home or office 24/7/365.
* Voucher and Scheduling instructions will be automatically delivered to you via email after your purchase.
Purchase a voucher and schedule your exam to be conducted at your convenience. Using our testing system a professional IASSC Proctor will personally meet you in our virtual online testing environment. Using your webcam you’ll provide identification and the Proctor will authorize the execution of your exam session, staying with you through the testing and submission process. The proctor will ensure that the rules are followed and that you have the support you need while you take the IASSC certification exam directly on your computer from the comfort of your home or office 24/7/365. Candidates who successfully complete the IASSC certification exams will achieve certification from the International Association for Six Sigma Certification. Visit IASSC Lean Expert Certification for more information.

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Rules & Requirements

Exam Rules & Regulations:

This is a Closed Exam. There is no IASSC Reference Document for this exam. Scratch paper is permitted but must be destroyed after your exam session. The use or suspected use of any document, content or resource of any sort will be considered a severe violation and will result in an automatic failure and is not subject to refund. Candidates suspected of violations of this sort may not be eligible to re-sit for the exam at IASSC’s sole discretion.
You must complete your exam session in one single session. If you are disconnected due to a technical issue your progress will be saved and your Proctor will restart your exam. If you are disconnect from your Proctor you will have to reconnect with your Proctor before you will be able to restart your exam.
You can take your exam in a public location such as a library but must be in a semi-private location such as a personal cubicle. Your location must be private enough that any people within the area can not see your screen. You may not communicate with other people during your exam session.
A non-programable standard four function calculator or a non-programable scientific calculator, such as the SHARP EL 501XBWH, TI-34, TI-30X and Casio FX-115 are permitted. Graphing & Programmable Calculators such as the TI-83, TI-84 and Casio FX9750 or FX5800P, are not permitted. Additionally, calculators on cell phones and Software Program Calculators such as Minitab & SigmaXL are not needed or permitted.
5 Minute Breaks are permitted per 60 minute interval. Special considerations can be granted at the Proctors discretion.

Your purchase and use is subject to the following refund & exchange conditions: https://orders.iassc.org/refund-and-exchange-policy/

Hardware & System Requirements:

* A computer with a keyboard and mouse and an active reliable Broadband/High-Speed internet connection of at least 4Mbps.
* A web camera that you can use to pan the room you are testing in for the proctor. Either a laptop webcam or a webcam that can be turned 360 degrees will be sufficient.
* Browser compatibility: Latest versions of Google Chrome (preferred). Alternately Mozilla Firefox. With the ProctorU extension (Chrome Extension or Firefox extension).
Quiet & private/semi-private location at your home or office. No one else should be in the room with you during the entire exam session.
See if your computer meets the requirements – test it now.