As we welcome 2017 with great excitement IASSC has been busy working on various professional credentialing policies in pursuit of our mission of bringing Certification Best Practices to Lean Six Sigma.

We have updated various aspects of the Agreements and Policy documents listed below. While many of the changes are simply legal particulars and general updates there are two important developments related to Certification and Accredited Training Associates.

Changes to Certification.

IASSC is introducing Recertification Criteria in alignment with Certification Best Practices. While all IASSC Certifications will continue to be perpetually recognized, all Certification Exams taken after March 1st 2017 will be subject to IASSC Certification Classifications. The details of this Certification Classification system can be viewed under the IASSC Recertification Policy.

Changes to Accredited Training Associate.

IASSC is introducing a renewal requirement and recertification criteria for new ATAs who seek this accreditation after March 1st, 2017. ATAs who have been granted status of such prior to March 1st, 2017 will be grandfathered, noted as such and therefore not subject to the term of three (3) years or the recertification requirements.

Modifications to the following agreements have also been made.

* Privacy Policy

* Marks Usage Policy

* Code of Conduct

* Terms of Use

* Recertification Policy

* Certification Terms & Conditions

* Accreditation Terms & Conditions